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The Palomera Cave

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Visit the Palomera Cave.


The visit to Cueva Palomera is a cultural and educational visit. It is a different experience: in its 2.5 km of route, interventions have been scarce, so we find ourselves in a completely natural cave. In which topics ranging from the formation of the cave, its geomorphology and hydrogeology are dealt with, to the biological and environmental investigations that are carried out, the archaeological discoveries made, stories and legends, curiosities... at the same time that you enjoy its most sensory and mysterious part.

It is not a complicated visit as no ropes or harnesses are needed. The only difficulty is represented by two sections of about 6-7 m in length in which it is necessary to advance in a crouching position.

The necessary equipment is warm clothing and footwear suitable for walking on a wet surface, stones and mud. The visit has an adventure component, since the only existing lighting is that of our fronts (which are provided by the guides) that will reveal at each step some of the best kept secrets of this part of the karstic complex.

The Palomera-Sala Museo de Cera route is 2.5 km / 4 hours, it starts at the Palomera sinkhole and ramp, and crosses the Edelweiss Room, the Main Gallery, the Communications Room, the Sima Dolencias, the Cacique and Wax Museum and the Gran Diagonal.

The shortest visit of 1.5 km / 2.5 hours, in which you reach Sima Dolencias and return along the same path.

Visiting tips:

The visits are speleowalks, the cave is not conditioned and acceptable physical conditions are required. Tickets are by reservation.

  • The long visit lasts approximately 4 hours and the short visit approximately 2.30 hours.

  • Entry is not allowed for children under 12 years of age.

  • Children under 16 must be accompanied

  • During the visit, for the best conservation of the Cave, smoking, eating, the entry of animals, photos, video recording and mobile phones on are NOT allowed.

  • The interior temperature ranges between 7º and 9º C, it is advisable to wear warm clothes.

  • Appropriate footwear with rubber soles is mandatory to avoid slipping. The visits are speleowalks, the cave is not conditioned and acceptable physical conditions are required.

  • The organization reserves the right of admission.

  • We provide you with a helmet with an autonomous light.​

STARTING POINT OF THE VISIT: AT THE TICKET OFFICE OF THE CUEVA ERMITA DE SAN BERNABE, not showing up on time means the loss of the ticket.


Bookings: one day in advance on the phone: 645 490 288 (as long as there are tickets left or a group has been formed)

If you need more information, schedule changes, large groups, by email, o en los teléfonos: 947 138 755 o 645 490 288

“Remember: It is a speleovisit, follow the security measures and the advice of the guides”

Relevant information

Address: Cueva Palomera, Ojo Guareña, Aparcamiento El Alto de la Concha, Carretera BU-V-5626, S/N, 09568, Burgos

Phone: 645490288


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