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The San Tirso & San Bernabé Cave Hermitage

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Visit the San Tirso & San Bernabé cave hermitage.

The visit to the San Bernabé Cave consists of a tour of approximately 400 meters of gallery and the Hermitage of San Tirso and San Bernabé excavated at the entrance of the cave. The visit to its interior is intended to be an approach to the rest of the Ojo Guareña Karstic Complex, in which the result of karstic modeling can be observed, consisting of the dissolution of calcareous rock by the action of water over millions of years.

To the right of the entrance to the Cave is the Hall of the Town Hall; Currently it is used in representative acts and the day of the Pilgrimage. During the tour of the cave, a projection of 10 minutes duration is presented. Inside we can see the Pila del Santo, the Silos gallery and the hermitage dedicated to San Tirso, although it is actually known as San Bernabé.

The Hermitage has anonymous wall paintings dating from 1705 and 1877, which recount the martyrdoms and miracles of the Saint; and on one of its walls is the archive of the Merindad de Sotoscueva Town Hall.

“Buy your ticket in advance. Check the day and time, as they are only valid for that date. It is not necessary to print the tickets, showing them on the mobile is enough. Except for causes attributable to the organization, the amount is not refundable” No changes or returns are made".

Visit the San Bernabé Cave Hermitage

Visiting tips:

  • The visit is fully conditioned, with lighting and a walkway along the route.

  • The route is 400 m. and with an approximate duration of 45 minutes.

  • Comfortable shoes.

  • Interior temperature approximately between 11º or 13ºC.

  • During the tour, mobile phones on, the entry of animals and eating are prohibited.

  • Photos are only allowed in the places and times indicated by the guides.

“Follow our advices before and during the visit.”

Relevant Information

Address: Ermita de San Bernabé, 09568, Burgos

Phone: 645490288


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